It is sort of becoming a tradition for each member of the Fedora Board to declare a personal goal of some sort and then lead by doing. So now that I am the newest Board member, some people are curious about my plans.

In 2010 I helped get Fedora’s Cloud SIG off the ground. At that point in time our main goal was to get a modern version of Fedora running inside Amazon’s popular cloud, EC2. Nowadays the EC2 image is part of Fedora’s regular release process and the Cloud SIG has grown into one of Fedora’s most vibrant groups, added support for one self-hosted cloud platform, and is on the way to adding several more.

In light of that, the answer is obvious: I plan to help the Cloud SIG continue to be successful.

Of course, that’s a rather vague goal, so here are some examples of what success for the Cloud SIG has meant in the past:

  • Building and testing EC2 images
  • Adding the EC2-controlling euca2ools command line suite to Fedora
  • Porting the cloud-init boot-time scripts to systemd

Now that those are done, here are some things success for the Cloud SIG may mean today:

  • Add more cloud software, such as the relatively venerable Eucalyptus, to Fedora
  • Continue to stabilize cloud-init on Fedora
  • Help make PaaS software like OpenShift and Cloud Foundry work with IaaS software like Eucalyptus and OpenStack

Lofty? Possibly. But they are certainly all worth the effort!

We need your help!

Want to give one of these a shot? Are you interested in attending a hackfest or an activity day for moving the cloud forward? Leave a comment or stop by #fedora-cloud on Freenode!